oxxeo is owned by Gmp

Founded in 1979, Gmp is one of the leading unlisted property-owning real estate groups in Spain. Its strong property-owning focus has allowed it to create a solid position as a specialist in developing, investing in and managing high-end offices and business parks in Madrid.

The group currently owns more than 479,400 m² of operating properties, which include 4,964 parking spaces as well as a land bank of 65,105 m² for future building projects.

Gmp holds a stable and diversified client portfolio that operates in 30 sectors. Many of these are leading multinational companies, key agents of the global economy. Among its real estate portfolio are buildings such as Génova 27, Alcalá 16, Hermosilla 3, Castellana 77, Castellana 81 and business parks such as Parque Norte, Castellana Norte, and Iberia Mart I and II.

GIC Group, the sovereign wealth fund of the Singapore Government, has formed part of the Company shareholders, with a 32,9% share.